Hi. My name is Fergus Bisset and I’m a writer.. sounds a bit like a confession that. I suppose it is.

I started The Dess Press as a way to self-publish things I write. The idea behind it is to build a collection of articles, blogs and rants on various subjects from travel to music, the traumas of childcare to the traumas of septic tank maintenance – whatever pops into my head basically.

I’d also like for anybody else who has something to say, on any topic whether it’s film, food, politics or pediatrics, to be able to write for The Dess Press. If you’ve written something you’d like to put up then get in touch with me.

You can find your way round using the tabs above or to the right, or check out some of the best and newest stuff below:


The terrible two

The terrible two


I am master of all I throw away

Fergus Bisset travels to the Tour de France:

Tommy Voeckler tears up the Col de Prat de Bouc

Life in Dess: The challenges of country living

Golf: Fergus’ best bits

The perils of skiing. It’s not just dangerous, it can also be horribly embarrassing:


All photography including banners by Fergus Bisset

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  1. Hi Fergus,

    There is a new article up on the blog, would welcome any comments or suggestions. Come and take a look!

    Kind regards,


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