Jon Symons Diary – 26th March 2012

Dear Diary,

Firstly let me start by saying well done to the Banchory ‘Mail on Sunday’ team who were victorious over Aboyne on Saturday. A 5-0 scoreline showed the boys are desperate to do well and get further than the semi-final place they achieved a few years back. I had the pleasure of walking the course with the boys and witnessed some decent golf. The chap from Aboyne who I followed round was one of the best I’ve ever seen at chipping and putting – the main reason he played of 5. Food for thought I think!

As for my golf; I went for a few holes after work on Friday night, actually hit the ball quiet well and really enjoyed being out on the course. I missed my only birdie putt chance from about 5 feet though, I think I might be becoming a bottler! Must remember to pack a brown paper bag in with my sticks next week.

Had the pleasure of playing Culter on Sunday. It’s an enjoyable course, made even more enjoyable by the condition it’s in, especially the greens which are fantastic and really put Banchory to shame. In fact, every aspect of the nick of the course puts Banchory to shame. I was playing with a couple of guys who I don’t usually play with who were both playing for their handicaps, which meant I was not playing for anything and not even keeping score Thankfully this meant that my tee shot on the first that flew (sliced) OB onto the practice ground didn’t count for anything and so didn’t require a head off! The rest of the round was a mixed bag, a real lack of consistency on the tees and greens meant for a bit of a frustrating afternoon. Was happy with my iron play and the weather and company were excellent so there was no need to vent my frustration at any misplaced tee shots or stupid 3 putts.

I still think I prefer playing with a card in my hand or for fivers with the boys, need something to compete for in order to concentrate fully. However, this also leads to tension, brown paper bag moments and the inevitable head off. Still, being your own worst critic is sometimes a good thing.

A special mention has to go to Craig Lindsay who completed the Banchory Golf Club beer matt challenge on Saturday night. Knowing Craig we will be hearing about this achievement for some time to come. I fully expect him to receive some sort of trophy at price giving.

Captain vs Vice Captain next weekend, should be entertaining. Still another two weeks until I can start working towards my target handicap, until then I remain unchanged………….

Official Handicap: 14.7

Season Target: 10.4

Bridgieness Level: 2/10

J Symons

15 Handicapper.


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