Jon Symons Diary – 3rd April 2012

Dear Diary,

The season has officially started! At Banchory this is traditionally celebrated with a Captain vs Vice Captain match. The format is straight forward, ‘4 ball – better ball’ in handicap order. This ensures that you can play a scratch match with golfers of round about the same ability as you and should result in a fair contest.

Now, let me open by stating that I am a terrible loser and therefore have forced myself to have a quite handy match play record, especially in this format when playing for Banchory (The Buffaloes) in the Deeside League. I was confident on the tee and was partnered with a gent who has years of experience round Banchory. We had been pitted against two guys I had never met before, unknown quantities you might say, but nevertheless I was confident of victory. This confidence soon turned to a shuddering sense of an inevitable defeat after one of the guys we were playing against who’s handicap was ‘14’ rolled in an absolute ‘moonraker’ on the first for a birdie 3. Things went from bad to worse from there and at the turn we were down by 4. Even though I managed a credible birdie on the 8th, defeat was on the horizon.

The 10th hole and the 12th hole were lost to birdie and the 13th was lost to par after I decided to vent my frustration with a driver off the tee! Cutting the corner over the trees is possible from the white tees on the 13th, not however if you hit your straightest and possibly longest drive of the day. I am sure it cleared the river Dee! So, we had been beaten 7 and 5 and I had been handed the largest defeat of my match play career.

It was not until we were on the next tee that the guy who played off ‘14’ announced that he was actually only 3 over par and that as a youth he had once played off 4! I am still unsure if this was rubbing salt into the wounds or an explanation of why we had been beaten so handsomely. It is tough playing off 15 when pars are not good enough to even half holes.

Although we had be destroyed I actually rather enjoyed the afternoon’s golf, played some good shots, more bad ones and struggled off the tee again. Putting was a lot better though and felt more confident with a wedge in my hand than in previous weeks.

Still, cannot wait until we get started for real this weekend coming, it will be nice to have a card in my hand, playing with my pals and taking money off the Pro for twos and winning the medal, which I have decided that I am going to do. Need to bounce back from a 7 and 5 horsing!

The Masters is on this week too, I cannot believe it is that time of year already! I wonder if the guy on the 10th has put up a large fence to ensure that Rory is not playing his second shot off his patio again? I really hope Tiger wins it though, a middle finger up to his doubters and further proof that he is the best player of my lifetime, if not all time.

Until next week, handicap remains the same but ‘Bridgieness Level’ has taken a significant hit after Saturday’s defeat.

Official Handicap: 14.7

Season Target: 10.4

Bridgieness Level: 5/10

J Symons

15 Handicapper.


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