Jon Symons Diary – 9th April 2012

Dear Diary,

Sometimes when playing golf I find it extremely difficult to enjoy myself, which is a shame because it is a pastime that I am meant to love. Saturday’s opening medal of the season was a day I would like to quickly forget, but I am sure will come back to haunt me at other trying points of the season.

I started fairly well, a double bogey at the tough par-3 2nd was followed by a birdie two at the far easier par-3 3rd, and I was going along nicely at 2 over par until I reached the 6th tee. This is where I truly lost the plot and showed I have the mental strength of a bowl of custard. To be alongside the par 5’s green in 3 is not the worst thing in the world but to walk off from there with an 8 is unforgivable. I truly never recovered from this and went out in a rather disappointing 7-over-par.

Now, the back nine was what could only be described as an absolute disaster, double bogey followed two bogeys and a triple bogey at the 13th which included a shanked second shot down the River Dee. To say I had suffered a mental breakdown would be an understatement. From there on in I just wanted to get off the course, it was a horrible afternoon, I could not hit the back off the ball and ended up just chapping it about the place like a man who had never picked up a club before.

It was further proof that my mental strength and my desire to shoot way below my handicap are the biggest flaws in my game, at 7-over through nine holes I still had eight shots to play with on the back nine, but to let my head drop and give up so quickly is a real worry for the rest of the season. Stats will show that for the last 13 holes of the day I shot a quite unbelievable 21 over par, to finish 8 shots outside my buffer zone.

To my playing partners on Saturday I would like to extend my apologies for my mood on Saturday, it can’t have been fun to watch me sulking and moping about the place. The gentlemen who had the misfortune of my company were Adam and Ross. Adam is the defending club champion and a superb striker of a golf ball, on a luckier putting day could have shot 10-under on Saturday. To say he hits the ball miles would be unfair, I think the drive he hit on the 15th on Saturday is still in the air! Ross on the other hand is quite possibly the scrappiest golfer off 4 in the world! He did on Saturday show me the meaning of mental strength after a horrible 7 on the par 3 ninth, he gritted his teeth and fought on to a very respectable round of three-over-par, this did however include the worst par I have even seen at the 13th and a combined total of about 20 putts! The gulf in skill between me and these two guys was extremely evident on Saturday!

I would also like to take a moment to mention the editor of ‘The Dess Press’ Fergus, who made my day on Saturday by making the most incredible bogey on the par-3 16th hole I have ever seen, to follow up a shank into the cabbages with a 80 yard shot over the ‘doo’cot’ and two putts from miles off was very respectable, however his decision to NR going down the 18th will not be forgotten, tut tut Mr Bisset, next time just post your 83 nett 80 and have a laugh about it!

As expected my bridgieness level has taken another hiding today, I have decided not to amend my target handicap just yet, will wait until next week I think. Along with a medal on Saturday we have a friendly match against the Junior Pennant team on Sunday, a defeat to a 12 year old could end my season very early, so if anyone want to buy a set of clubs; give me a shout next Sunday evening, they could be for sale!

Official Handicap: 14.8

Season Target: 10.4

Bridgieness Level: 8/10

J Symons

15 Handicapper.

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  1. Lee Meldrum said:

    Mr Jon Symons,

    I think it’s extremely encouraging that you have identified your weaknesses in your game and hopefully you can learn from these as the season progresses. From the terrible experiences that I have encountered myself at golf, perhaps the option of visiting a golf phsychologist In order to improve your mental game may benefit you?

    I would be intrigued to see how your game progresses throughout the season and hope to see weekly diary updates.

    Good luck and all the best to the players who have to put up with you!

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