Jon Symons Diary – 16th April 2012

Dear Diary,

For the first time in my golfing career I can honestly say I was proud of how I played on Saturday. No, it was not my best performance ever and, yes, once again there were a few stupid holes and bad shots. But, to be standing on the 14th tee 14 over par knowing that I only had one shot to ‘play with’ over the closing 5 holes and then being able to get home 15 over par was an achievement. It is honestly the first time I can say that I have gritted my teeth, pulled my socks up, showed a bit of testicular fortitude and finished the round well, knowing I had to make pars. Usually being 14 over through 13 would result in my having a temper tantrum, through a Pro V down the Dee and refusing to speak to my playing partners. This could be the start of a new chapter in my golfing career; I am now a man who has bottle…………possibly!

As I write this I have just received an e-mail from ‘How Did I Do’ to my amazement I have been chopped by 0.6 for my efforts on Saturday! Got to love it when quads and triples get rounded down to double bogies and getting chopped 0.3 for each shot under my handicap! I am now the lowest handicap I have ever been, and the start to the season has taken a dramatic turn for the better after last week’s opening shambles.

Now, on Sunday I was meant to be representing the Banchory Deeside League Team in a friendly match against Banchory’s Junior Pennant Team. As I mentioned last week, the thought of getting beaten by a junior was playing on my mind slightly and could have ruined any confidence I had. Thankfully two of the youngsters had been snogging too many girls and drinking too much White Lightning down the Dee the night before and had to pull out, I was only too happy to offer to pull out of the competition and play a bounce match with my partner Granty and Derek, who is the Junior Convenor. Although it was snowing and freezing I enjoyed the 15 holes we played and was happy to see a couple of the guys getting horsed by the juniors, 6 and 4 in the match in front of us! The tie ended 3-3 which was a fair result, seeing those young boys playing so well off low handicaps made me wish I had taken up the sport when I was younger, I would certainly not be battling around the course playing off 15 as I am now.

All that remains to be said is that I am heading to Turkey on Wednesday with 5 of the boys for a week of golf, all inclusive booze and sun. We are playing four courses whilst we are over there including the National which is meant to be extremely difficult. It should be an excellent week away and a great chance to play some golf on immaculate courses in lovely weather; hopefully it will help me scrub some more of the rust away from my swing for the remainder of the season. Full report to follow in 2 weeks time, if I remember anything after the afternoon beers.

Until then, I am the lowest I have ever been and no longer on bridge watch. It could be a good season!

Official Handicap: 14.2

Season Target: 10.4

Bridgieness Level: 0/10

J Symons

14 Handicapper.


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