Jon Symons Diary – 3rd May 2012

Dear Diary,

Let me begin by saying that Turkey was a huge success. The courses over there are truly world class. Over the week I had the pleasure of playing The Faldo at Cornelia, The Nobilis, The Montgomerie and the National. All were fabulous and extremely difficult. My 90 stableford points for the week was not anything to cheer about and the inevitable wooden spoon that accompanied this record low point score was accepted with no complaints.

To be honest I was not worried about the overall result, I was never going to win ‘The Turkish Delight Cup’ shipping at least 9 shots to the 5 guys I was with, but to play such good courses with such great company was a real joy. I won’t go in to details regarding the evening activities at the all inclusive resort; other than to say that the Turkish Delight Champion for 2012 is Craig Lindsay, who will now and forever be referred to as ‘The Beer Monster’. Well done Craig. I would also like to offer my commiserations to Ali Ramage, another brown paper bag performance to add to the list.

If you get the chance to go to Turkey on a golf holiday take it. What a great place!

Back to Banchory on Saturday and the rain, ploughed fairways and terrible greens that goes with it. I had an absolute battle with the course and my mind once again on Saturday, I just can’t seem to play the front nine! I turned 11 over par once again, this included a lucky chip in at the 9th for a 2 (my playing partners were both sick in to their hats). I battled back to 5 over on the back nine. Back in 41 which in truth I would probably take most weeks, if only I could cut out the stupid mistakes on the front nine my handicap would come flying down. Still scrapped buffer though as CSS was 69 again! Such a good chance to get chopped.

I also played my first round match of the handicap knockout on Sunday. The less said about this tie the better. Let me just say that I now know how the guys feel playing me and giving away 11 shots! It is tough to win when pars are not good enough. Next year hopefully I will get a kinder draw and be on form. Just the doubles to look forward to now!

So an eventful couple of weeks come to an end and Turkey seems like a lifetime ago. More golf this weekend to report on with the qualifications for the Cox’s Cup on Saturday. I would love to play well and qualify for this, a great chance of getting some silverware.

Until then, handicap remains the same but bridgieness has taken a slight hit due to my return from 25 degrees, free beer and lovely golf courses. Oh, and being knocked out of the handicap.

Official Handicap: 14.2

Season Target: 10.4

Bridgieness Level: 4/10

  1. Ron Gaywood said:

    If you were to be given a handicap based on the rounds in Turkey the title of this blog would have to be changed to the “Confessions of a 54 handicapper”. Disappointed you didn’t mention when you fatted a putt and took a divot out of the green. Silky smooth.

    • Jon Symons said:

      Thanks for mentioning that Mr Gaywood, I should have also mentioned in my blog your second shot at the 17th at the Noblis that went so far out of bounds in to someone’s garden it forced a German woman to respond to your question of ‘where did that go?’ with ‘it landed in that guy’s Champagne’ (in a think German accent)

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