Jon Symons Diary – 8th May 2012

Dear Diary,

This last week proved that I going to be stuck on 14 or worse for a long time and that my season target of 10.4 is going to be an extremely difficult one to reach. The fact of the matter is this: I am rubbish at golf. I have no natural talent, no grit, no determination and no chance of getting out of a bunker in one shot.

Now having 14 shots to play with should make Banchory an easy course and an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday, this is not the case if your second shot of the day (a wedge from 100 yards) is hit fat into a greenside bunker. To say I was lucky to get out after 4 bunker shots is an understatement. It must have looked to my playing partners that I was trying to dig for buried treasure! So standing on the 2nd tee with 10 shots to play with was a bit of disaster, but somehow I managed to get to the turn 8 over, which is not that bad really and if I could come back in 41 like last week I would be getting chopped again.

This did not happen; I had another 8 on the 10th followed by a 7 at the 13th. My handicap was gone and I was furious. Ended up shooting a 19 over par 88. A shambolic effort and an eye opener as to the work that I still need to do to get anywhere near a handicap of 10. Had so many stupid shots and no lucky chip ins to keep my morale up like last week. No place in the last 16 of the Cox Cup for me this year then, next year? I doubt that too.

This weekend we are heading up to Tain to compete in the Tain Men’s Open. This should be a real test of my golfing skills and a nice change from Banchory and its ploughed fairways and pot-holed greens. I highly doubt I will even play to my handicap on an untried away course, so I will have to take the 0.1 on the chin. Should be an excellent day out though and a good excuse to sample the delights of Inverness in the evening. If I play well I might even move up to Invergordon!

Also have a Wednesday medal this week and a trip to Ballater for the Deeside League on Thursday night. The Deeside league is an excellent competition that we were fortunate enough to win last year; my 7-0 record certainly is worth mentioning! So it is all go again. Hopefully I will manage to get my handicap down on Wednesday seeing as we are losing a medal on Saturday. On the other hand an extra shot round Tain could be a life saver.

Special mention this week goes to Grant Kelly, who also shot 88 on Saturday but playing off 25 got a well deserved chop, even if he did try to sabotage his own efforts on the 17th. I am sure this will be the catalyst for more good rounds and reduction of handicap.

Until next week my handicap has gone up and increased my bridgieness level with it. Could be back up to 15 next week with a bad round on Wednesday and at Tain; not worth thinking about at the moment……………………

Official Handicap: 14.3

Season Target: 10.4

Bridgieness Level: 5/10

J Symons

14 Handicapper.


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