Jon Symons Diary – 29th May 2012

Dear Diary,

One thing in life always remains true; there is nothing worse than an OVD and Coke, nae ice! This is the usual punishment or forfeit that is on the line in any competition between me and my friends. I can assure you, many a macaroni and cheese has been lost to the power of OVD. It is a horrible concoction!

So, the annual Sponsors’ Day at Banchory was another occasion where the punishment of possibly losing your lunch was on the line. It was a 3-ball, two best stableford scores on each hole event. I was playing with my good friends Ross and Ali who are both of a very respectable, if flattering to deceive in Ross’s case, 5. The team we were playing against had much lower handicaps; 0, 3 and 4. It was going to be tough and seeing as I had just eaten a tuna sandwich, I was determined not to be consuming OVD and Coke.

The day was absolutely beautiful, a sweltering 25 degrees and after a slow start, apart from a magnificent 2 at the 3rd  from yours truly we reached the turn in 36 points, right on our handicap. At the next hole we found out that the opposing team had turned in 35! This was going to be close! We dug in and apart from having a criminal no score on the 14th played well as a unit. Ross even managed a nett eagle on the impossibly tough 17 and myself and Ali finished with a Birdie and net Birdie up the last, we were unsure of how the other guys had got on, though they seemed to be pretty pleased with themselves.

Now, I don’t know if I would have preferred to absolutely stuff them by 10 points or to win by the 1 that we did, but to watch them scoff down their OVDs will scowls on their faces was worth every second of the round. In truth I really enjoyed the day, the weather was excellent, the banter was good and I actually played some good stuff at times. It is a shame I play so badly when my handicap is on the line though!

Mid week medal this week and I need to do something special as I am missing the medal on Saturday for a Stag Do in Amsterdam. Hopefully they don’t sell OVD over there!

Until next week my handicap remains the same but I am slightly buoyed by some of my shots and general play on Saturday. Bridgieness levels are down!

Official Handicap: 14.5

Season Target: 10.4

Bridgieness Level: 4/10

J Symons

15 Handicapper.

1 comment
  1. Beer Monster said:

    Nothing worse than a warm OVD & coke, nae ice in a 25 degree heat I can assure you! Still feel robbed after losing by only 1 stableford point. Im convinced you boys made up your scores for half the holes!

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